One of the main problems with the General Medical Council is their personality dysfunction. It is an organisational trait. The General Medical Council have never been very helpful. The only exception is Mark Ellen of the Information Team. Apart from that, those of us who have had the misfortune of dealing with the GMC, also have to tolerate the sheer shameless obstructive behaviour. Their legal team is masterful at this art. You ask them a question, they either answer something else or hope you have forgotten the original question asked. This technique is really done to make matters lengthier and more complex. Take the resignation/fired issue. It is a relatively simple issue yet the General Medical Council continue to stir it in their cauldron in many forms about 4 years later. 

The GMC has no insight into its failings. This is why it never improves. It spends its life judging others yet fail miserably to address its own flaws of which they have many. It is quite sad that they have this trait because if they were able to listen, address concerns and improve, they would be a excellent regulatory body. Anyhow, they never did accept that Shipman was their fault. They will never accept that their procedures are much like the totalitarian regime. If anyone gets justice, its purely accidental. The GMC fails to set an example to others. They fail to garner respect or assist those in need. This is why it is a failing regulatory body. It has failed the public and good doctors. Unfortunately, it continues to rule supreme untouched by the criticisms and justified challenges by many doctors and patients. 


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