CopyGate. The Copycats At Private Eye

The development of Whistleblowing and Patient Safety has been taking place for over 2 years now. During the development, I sent a draft copy to Private Eye for them to feature. Private Eye did not feature it, instead Phil Hammond and Bousfield decided to lift the recommendations drafted by me and make it theirs. 

"Our recommendations are firstly that the profession, through the GMC or BMA Council, should commission a Consultation Group on Reporting Poor Care. This Group will examine the consequences to all parties from incidents of reported poor care. Second, the Government should consider establishing a Health Select Committee Review of Whistleblowing that would make impartial recommendations to Government and the profession. Third, the Government should consider setting up and resourcing a National Whistleblowing Centre similar to that in the US. We believe that only by open public scrutiny will constructive change be cemented into exemplary clinical practice"

These recommendations were lifted by Bousfield and Hammond and inserted into Private Eye without citation. The recommendations have now become part of an EDM in Parliament. The facts are that the above paper was submitted a long ago and that the ideas were infact mine.  After the disagreement, I revoked all rights to my ideas offered by email - one being on the National Whistleblowing Centre. Of course, the facts and communications speaks for itself. The solutions were not that of Bousfield or Private Eye. They were developed by me and accepted by the other authors.

Private Eye, Andrew Bousfield and Dr Phil Hammond have purposely stolen the material and refused to place a citation of the above paper by these ideas. Private Eye can do the correct thing and acknowledge the paper with an apology or we can take this matter forward in time. It is clear that none of them have any originality and stoop low enough to steal ideas from research papers without citing them.


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