GMC Legal Team

Numerous doctors have complained about the GMC's legal team. I am sure they believe they are simply trying to do their job but life gets a bit difficult for them when so many doctors keep referring them to the Solicitors Regulatory Body. 

Following R v GMC Ex Parte Pal, there were a number of casualties. One GMC solicitor argued two diametrically opposite versions of "misconduct" in two different cases in court. The result was R v GMC Ex Parte Pal and R v GMC Ex Parte Remedy UK. This shows us that the GMC can and do mislead the court as and when its suits them. 

GMC Legal were also responsible for "inventing" my resignation from Worcestershire Mental Health Trust. They felt that "inventing" my resignation would lessen the duty of care upon the GMC. By saying that I had resigned, the courts could say "Ah its her fault" not the GMCs. In that way, the GMC could appear squeaky clean and be blameless. The truth though is that they investigated me needlessly and it resulted in a complete assassination of my livelihood by forcing me to declare the investigation on my application forms and leaving a question mark upon the resignation/fired issue. There was no question mark according to the paperwork. It was one invented by the GMC. They harnessed their own witnesses to create their fictional case. 

Overall, I believe the GMC Legal Team fails more doctors and patients while wasting funds. 


  1. The reports issue by such a Doctor who is working in private hospital or private clinics, are not for legal purpose. Doctors who appointed in Govt. hospitals give reports are used for legal purpose. GMC Legal means something which has both medical and legal aspects. A certificate stating non medico legal purpose means that the person who has signed it does not want it to be used for such (legal) purpose