In R v General Medical Council Ex Parte Pal 2009, Mark Shaw QC argued that I had "resigned" from my locum post following the GMC investigation. Of course, Shaw QC had run off to the Trust to extract what I would call an outright dishonesty. Dr Monteiro Consultant and Clinical Lead with his MD decided to support the GMC's case. Of course, the problem with Shaw, Choong and Monteiro is that they failed to note one point - that there was a paper trail detailing the "Firing". 

Despite the fact that the paperwork [ verified by an ET Chairman] outlined the origin of the end of the contract [ from the Trust], Shaw QC decided to create a cloud of uncertainty by using a statement from Dr Monteiro. The statement stated that I had resigned. Of course, no one was able to produce a resignation letter. Anyhow, the tale is described here

The doctors at Worcestershire Mental Health Trust were subsequently subject to a GMC investigation for dishonesty in a court document. 

This was how Mark Shaw QC tried to establish that the case was academic and that I had suffered no detriment. Reality though is beginning to dawn on the General Medical Council and Shaw. 


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